Hello, New You! Book

Learn to tap into God’s strength to transform your life and fulfill your destiny! Four things will set you on course to live in complete freedom in your earthly soul and body: Living in a loving relationship with God, Understanding your new identity in Christ, Receiving power from the Holy Spirit, and Applying the Word to your daily life. Let reading this book be your official invitation to bring God into your life by asking Him to set you free in any area that may be limiting your full potential. Starting today you can grow in Christ, and fulfill the plan He has ordained for you!

(Softcover, 6x9 in.)

Walking in the New You! Workbook

Unleash your God given potential through hands on exercises and worksheets for every aspect of your life! Here's a glimpse of the transformative journey you'll undertake: craft a mission statement, uncover your purpose, establish clear goals, develop a life plan, assemble a vision board, effectively manage your time, cultivate thankfulness, affirm positive confessions, reap the benefits of journaling, organize your life, manage your finances, cultivate flourishing relationships, embrace a healthy life, foster a healthy vision, devise a nourishing meal plan, formulate a fitness plan. Practicing Biblical principles in every sphere will release supernatural results and propel you into your destiny!

(Softcover, 8.5x11 in.)

2024 Planners

Prepare to integrate transformative principles that will revolutionize your routine in 2024. This planner empowers you to efficiently organize and achieve your goals across all aspects of your life on a daily basis. It includes essential features such as yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily calendars, major US holidays, comprehensive goal-setting sections, weekly priorities, exercise and fitness tracking, nutrition and meal planning, a daily schedule, gratitude reflections, meditation prompts, and space for daily notes and personalized note-taking. Elevate your productivity and embrace a more organized, purposeful life with this comprehensive planner.

(Softcover, 8.5x11 in.)

2024 Productivity Planner (Pink)

2024 Productivity Planner (Coral)

2024 Productivity Planner (Blue)

Prayers Journals

This daily prayer journal is designed to enrich your spiritual journey! This thoughtfully crafted journal incorporates five key elements to guide your daily devotional practice: 1. Daily Scripture readings (a 365-day Bible Reading Plan through Psalms, Proverbs, and the New Testament),

2. Reflect on specific verses and their relevance to your life, 3. Meditate on the Bible’s wisdom and create space for God to speak to your heart,

4. Cultivate a receptive spirit to hear God’s voice, and 5. Develop intimacy with your Heavenly Father through heartfelt prayers. This journal serves as a companion on your path to spiritual growth, offering a structured and meaningful connection with God. Embrace this daily ritual to deepen your faith and experience the transformative power of His divine guidance. Let "Journey of Faith” be your guide as you deepen your connection with God and experience transformative growth on your spiritual path.(Hardcover, 7x10 in., 203 pages; also available in paperback)

Journey of Faith:

A Daily Prayer Journal (Blue)

Journey of Faith:

A Daily Prayer Journal (Coral)

Journey of Faith:

A Daily Prayer Journal (Pink)


Dotted Journal Notebook. Enjoy this bullet journal for all of your creative journaling needs! (7x10 in. 217 pages)

Dotted Journal Notebook


Dotted Journal Notebook


Dotted Journal Notebook



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